BCM2711 ARM v8 CPU, running at 1.8GHz.
RISC OS 5.28 and 2.5GB of software as standard, with optional software worth more than £600.
Fast LPDDR4-3200 memory and Super Turbo Drive system.
Hidden USB Drive for sleek reliability, speed and performance.
PiAno is a compact RISC OS machine, made from special matte acrylic to give a soft, frosted look, which dissipated the internal LEDS in a soft and pleasing way. The case is speciifically designed to hide as many external mountings as possible so that the outer case is silky smooth and it looks thoroughly modern. Given the design, it can be mounted in both a hroizontal position, or in an upright tower mode
Digital speed.
PiAno also features high-performance DDR4 memory, which combined with the state of the art ARM CPU running as standard at 1.8GHz, all adds up to faster processing. It can even be overclocked up to 2.1GHz. With more memory — it has 2GB as standard but can be upgraded to 4GB or even 8GB — it is capable of more than you can possibly imagine in RISC OS.
It’s Grand!
With a combination of a fast micro SD drive and our integrated high capacity Super Turbo Drive systems, the PiAno can store all of your necessary apps, and load them in super quick time. For users with access to disc-intensive applications like new, modern web browsers, the Super Turbo Drive allows the PiAno to load them even faster than SATA- connected drives on those machines with slower processors.
Expanding your control.
PiAno allows easy access to the GPIO ports for managing a range of controllable devices. The case was designed with HATs in mind, especially a WIFI HAT, sp space is available. The PiAno has four external USB ports for a range of add-on devices, such as USB Audio, extra storage, and a range of Human Interface Devices (keyboard and mouse to you and me!).
Small and Subtle
Technical Specification Processor Speed: 1.8GHz plus Memory: 2GB Storage: 64/128/256GB fast USB storage Networking: Gigabit Ethernet port and optional WIFI HAT USB ports: 4 external Audio/Video: 3.5mm Audio, audio over HDMI Twin HDMI ports Up to 3840x2160 HDMI graphics SD Card: 32GB Class 10 for OS and storage OS and Software: RISC OS 5.28 plus nearly 2GB of RISC OS Software as standard OTA OS upgrades with rollback facilities Case: Frosted matte acrylic layer case - 150mm x 130mm x 45mm Integrated fan Activity and Power Indicator LEDs Options: Real Time Clock Commercial software pack (worth nearly £600) 4GB RAM 8GB RAM
PiAno - a RISC OS media centre PiAno - a RISC OS media centre RISCOSbits
Temperature Control
It’s Cool
The PiAno comes complete with passive cooling heatsinks attached to all of the components that produce the most heat, and also an integrated 40mm active cooling fan. When combined with the acrylic layering to create venting holes in the case, the system remains cool in use.
PiAno - passive cooling PiAno - a RISC OS media centre PiAno - a RISC OS media centre case PiAno - a RISC OS media centre