A Solid State of Mind.
Overclocked BCM2711 ARM v8 processor, up to 2.28GHz
RISC OS 5 and 2.5GB of software as standard, with optional software worth more than £600
4GB of fast LPDDR4- 3200 memory
Super-fast eMMC storage with up to 240GB SSD
Solid. Compact. Flash. Fast.
ROBUST is a purely solid machine. It has an aluminium external case, solid state eMMC flash boot drive for RISC OS and firmware, plus an SSD capable of storing all of your files, and running Linux from a RISC OS application.
Powerful. Upgradeable.
ROBUST features 32GB of fast eMMC storage, almost 4x faster than an SD card. Added to high-performance DDR4 memory, which, combined with the state of the art ARM CPU, running at up to 2.28 GHz, all adds up to faster processing. With 4GB of very fast RAM, 32GB of fast eMMC storage and up to 256GB of RISC OS SSD, ROBUST is capable of more than you can possibly imagine in RISC OS.
Fast storage in abundance.
With fast, solid state storage throughout, on both the eMMC boot drive and a purpose built, industry-standard 2.5in SSD, ROBUST can store all of your necessary apps, in the knowledge that the drives were designed and intended for non-volatile storage. Expansion is easy - simply replace the drive with one with more capacity.
Control features
Active control.
ROBUST comes complete with a heatsink and fan attached to all of the components that produce the most heat. When utilised with CPU throttling when idle, the system remains remarkably cool in use. In addition, ROBUST has a Real Time Clock built in for keeping the time when not connected to the network. Plus a 1inch OLED screen on the outside of the case, with customised readout, showing CPU speed, free disc space, IP address, uptime, days to Christmas, CPU temperature - a whole range of useful and useless data.
Power to the desktop.
Utilising the flexibility and speed of RISC OS, combined with the processing power and robust storage, ROBUST helps you become a more efficient RISC OS user. Not to mention 4k resolutions for extreme productivity.
Pi Harder
AV Out
HDMI 0 with 4K resolution
USB-C Power
Technical Specification Processor Speed: overclocked up to 2.28GHz Memory: 4GB SSD Storage: Up to 240GB SSD storage for RISC OS as standard Networking: Gigabit Ethernet port and optional WIFI bridge USB ports: 2 rear, 1 front Audio/Video: 3.5mm Audio, audio over HDMI Twin full sized HDMI ports Up to 3840x2160 HDMI graphics eMMC: 32GB for OS, boot and storage OS and Software: RISC OS 5 plus over 2GB of RISC OS Software as standard Case: Small aluminium NUC style case - 120mm x 90mm x 45mm 1in OLED information screen Activity and Power Indicator LEDs Power switch Options: Games Pack Commercial software pack (worth over £500) 8GB RAM Themeable Linux Installation Active cooling
Pi Harder Front View Pi Harder Rear Pi Harder alternative front Buy RISCOSbits
Front uSD slot
Power Button
Raspberry Pi
Operating Systems
Familiar Linux
Due to the nature of the ROBUST set up, we have created an option to have a familiar looking version of Linux installed on the hard drive. The custom version of Linux can shine with the look and feel of your second (or third!) favourite Operating System, just so that you feel at home. If you have a preference for fruity operating systems, or one of a number of fenestrated appearances, then this pre-installed Linux could be right up your street. And it’s easy to change your mind - simply choose an new theme from the theme manager. What’s more, it’s even based on, and derived from the official Raspberry Pi OS. It comes with a full range of programs and applications installed, including web browsers, multimedia players, programming IDEs, office applications, and even system tools - all with familiar window furniture and icons, so that you can feel comfortable straight away. It can even run some Windows and DOS applications out of the box! Not only that, but it maintains that shared space with RISC OS.
32GB Fast eMMC storage
4GB fast RAM as standard
Fast 32bit CPU up to 2.28GHz
CPU Temp: 47C - CPU Speed: 2279MHz - eMMC Free: 27GB - SSD Free: 117GB + -