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Enjoy the ease of RISC OS and the flexibility of Linux on a single Raspberry Pi system
Switch between two Operating Systems with the click of an icon
Hand tuned fast Raspberry Pi OS installation
Custom RISC OS installation with custom Linux loader application
RISC OS and Linux. In tandem.
Easy Dual Operating Systems is a specially formatted drive and dedicated switching application that allows both RISC OS and Raspberry Pi OS (a variant of Debian Linux) to run on the same RISCOSbits Raspberry Pi system, without unplugging, pressing any buttons, or changing files. Just click on the icon to run the application.
The Best Of Both
System Speed
Super Fast.
When installed in our systems, both Operating Systems can be safely run at 2.2GHz or above, without the risk of overheating. Couple that with Raspberry Pi OS making the best use of a solid state drive over a high speed USB 3 connection and you have a system that flies. With an optional NVMe drive upgrade on the FOURtress system, it’s even faster! Sadly, it’s so fast, you may never see the Raspberry Pi splash screen…
Share your stuff.
By using clever formatting of the drives inside each system, it possible to run both systems as fast as possible. Cleverly created partitioning on the dual drives inside the system means that both RISC OS and Linux can share files with each other easily. This has the added advantage for RISC OS that RISCOSbits’ Super Turbo Drive system is still available for speeding up those apps that can sometimes run slowly.
RISC OS Prime For the occasional Linux user. The machine automatically boots into RISC OS. Once Linux is loaded, using the dedicated !Linux application, when the system is rebooted, it automatically returns the system to the relative comfort of RISC OS.
Linux Prime For those who may wish to use Linux on a regular basis. The system initially boots into RISC OS. After running the !Linux app, the system will continue to reboot into Linux, until you run the RISC OS program on the Linux desktop. It will then return to RISC OS after a reboot.
You choose how it works.